Carol Henrickson, MEF President and professor emerita of Anthropology at Marlboro College,Marlboro, Vermont: 

I first met Marilyn when I was a graduate student recently returned from doing fieldwork in Guatemala. The situation in Guatemala in the early 1980s begged for serious conversations and actions and Marilyn was key in bringing academics together in a new and wonderful group, the Guatemalan Scholars Network. Her energy and knowledge--I particularly remember her work with organizations in Washington and the insights she brought from there to GSN members--were a model of the politically active and compassionate teacher. I owe so much to Marilyn from those early days in GSN. -- Later I came to know her more in the context of her work with the Maya Educational Foundation. Once again, Marilyn was an incredible role model...passionately committed and creative in her work fostering and supporting this important organization. -- When I heard of Marilyn's death I thought, "No...that's not possible." Such sad news. Marilyn will be remembered by the many people who knew her and worked with her. Her life will also continue to be immensely important to people who might never have met her but who have benefited from the important work she did throughout her life. Descansa en paz, Marilyn.