Elisabeth Nicholson, Executive Director of the Maya Educational Foundation, Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 

In 1992 Marilyn helped us start the Maya Educational Foundation and its mission of supporting educational programs for indigenous youth in Guatemala. She was a board member and later board president of the MEF and worked with us for 20 years until 2012. After she retired from the Board, she continued to contribute to MEF and beat the drum for us, knowing that a good education would lift many indigenous young people out of poverty. She traveled to Guatemala with us to visit out of the way villages and to look in on the scholarship programs we support. She stayed interested in the work all her life. On our website www.mayaedufound.org you’ll find a number of her beautifully written President’s letters. That lady could write! 
          It was always a joy to speak to Marilyn and her insights were very helpful to me especially in moments of crisis or difficulty, whether it had to do with board matters or other organizational issues. She always knew how to help, by cutting through any nonsense and right to the heart of the matter and by proposing bold and quick action, fearlessly, intelligently and honestly. We weathered many a storm together. 
          On non-MEF related issues, we had fun comparing notes on our vegetable gardens, mine so puny and sparse on the sandy soil of Cape Cod, and hers abundant and rich in Friendsville, Maryland. She found so much joy in that garden. We both knew we couldn't win against Mother Nature and rejoiced together in years that she blessed us with good harvests. Marilyn honored nature and in the last few years worked tirelessly to oppose uncontrolled fracking in her region and beyond.