Brenda Rosenbaum, originally from Guatemala, anthropologist, author and founder of non-profit Mayan Hands, former MEF Vice-president: 

From here on, when I think of Marilyn, I will hear her saying "The only thing I ask of you is to remember me loving you...." Marilyn will be remembered for the love she put into everything and everyone she touched... She loved the earth, she loved the world (with a special focus on Guatemala and Mayan people) she loved her country, her community, her family and friends.... She worked hard, in a million different ways, for everything she loved. I was blessed to work with her at the Maya Educational Foundation. Also, for many years she did a sale at her church for Mayan Hands, the organization I work with. She did a sale for us again this year, in December. Amazing. 
          She called us to say she needed to receive the products on a specific day because she was having surgery just after that. This year, again, she had a fabulous sale. Her illness did not stop her from her desire to help the Mayan women who wove the products. - The world has lost a remarkable, one-in-a-million human being. We all have lost a dear friend. May we always remember her loving us. May her memory continue to inspire us.