James Loucky, Professor of Anthropology Western Washington University, and co-author on several works with Marilyn: 

In a hotel room in LA, during the 1982 AAA meetings, Marilyn and a few others met to strategize how we might respond to the atrocities occurring in Guatemala, especially to Maya communities. She was instrumental in consolidating efforts that had begun a year earlier, and quickly emerged as the central person in the development of the GSN. She served as co-coordinator with Margarita Melville for several years, and continued as Coordinator for many years thereafter. She dedicated a huge amount of careful thought to how to organize in ways that effectively publicized human rights abuses in Guatemala, identified the nature and implications of misguided US policy, and promoted practical and political ways for positive change. 
          Five minutes before opening my computer and getting the news, from Marilyn's own email, I had put Marilyn's letter on my desk, open to her closing exhortation - as inspiration and as reminder to call. Powerful and precious. What an honor to have and to remember such a good friend, to me and to the people of Guatemala and to so many others. I look forward to what we might do to carry on her kindness and courage.