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The Maya Educational Foundation supports the educational and professional advancement of the Maya people and neighboring indigenous cultures in southern Mexico, Belize and Central America, and sustains programs that foster study, preservation and understanding of those cultures.


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News and Events

Robert C. Harman Legacy Gift

We recently received a major legacy gift from the Robert C. Harman estate that will allow us to support ten university scholarships for Maya students for five years.
We had been saddened to hear about Bob's passing last year. He was always a friend of our organization and shared our goal of promoting the educational advancement of the Maya people. 
We thank him and his family for the generous bequest he left to the Maya Educational Foundation. May he rest in peace and may he, his family and friends know that his commitment and thoughtfulness are allowing young Maya students to advance in their chosen disciplines. His gift is giving these young people the chance to attend university and to become productive and educated professionals in their own countries (Mexico, Guatemala, southern Belize). 
To learn more about Bob and his life, here is the obituary that was published in the Los Angeles Times  

Making a difference with your donations to MEF
Your donations are changing lives. Students who only dreamed of studying at university are able to do so because of the MEF scholarships that your generosity makes possible. Here is a Spanish-language video from our partner organization FEPMaya where you can see and hear MEF scholarship graduates speak.


English Language Program, January 2018
The English Language Program (ELP) volunteers and 21 MEF university scholarship students at our partner non-profit FEPMaya enjoyed a productive and intensive two-week English course in Antigua, Guatemala, immersing themselves in the English language and learning a lot. In order to get their degrees, all university students in Guatemala need English to show English proficiency at least to the TOEFL level.
We and FEPMaya thank all volunteers for continuing this yearly effort which saw its first planning back in 2003 and was first carried out in 2004. Amazing! Here are a few photos of this year’s ELP.


Photos by Susanna Place

Board meeting, July 2017
To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Maya Educational Foundation, we held this year's board meeting in Antigua, Guatemala. The highlight was a day that we spent with the students at our partner FEPMaya. All the 60+ students came and spoke, we ate together and celebrated with poems and music (see photo in section below). 

We thank FEPMaya for organizing this get-together which meant so much to all of us. We also thank our partner CIRMA for hosting part of the MEF board meeting at their beautiful facility.

Photo courtesy of Jean-Marie Simon   

Summer 2017
MEF was honored to spend a day with students and staff at their largest scholarship program partner FEPMaya in Mixco, Guatemala. There are more than 60 students now attending university full-time on MEF scholarships. Your donations alone make this possible. The students and we cannot thank you enough!

FEPMaya students and MEF Board members, July 15, 2017
We hope you will stay a loyal supporter of our work or become one if you believe in strengthening the lives of the indigenous young people of Guatemala, Mexico, and southern Belize so they can become professionals in their own right and will be able to effect change in their countries.
Your donations to MEF go twice and three times as far in the countries we serve. We could never afford to have these many young Maya students come up to the U.S. to get a college education but we can do it there, for ca. US$2,000-2,500 per year.
Let us know if you and your family or friends want to sponsor a student. We can supply student photos and contacts upon request. Thank you!

July 2017
MEF was invited to the Guatemala Scholars Network meetings in Antigua, Guatemala and was pleased to attend. Thank you GSN for your support over the years, especially also all the organizers who were so helpful and arranged for a table to promote MEF at the meetings. - We were also happy to see three of our scholarship students from partner FEPMaya represented in the Friday afternoon panel, as well as Manuel Laynez, a former English Language Program participant.

A Milestone - 2017 is MEF's 25th Anniversary!
In 1992 MEF became a nonprofit and incorporated in Vermont
Congratulations and thanks go to all the founding fathers of MEF, the people who helped to make this organization possible with their original ideas and concepts of how to best help Maya students reach their goals of achieving higher education in their own countries.
Special mention: the Rosenbaum family, the Lutz family, the late Marilyn Moors, Peter Welch, Armando Alfonzo, and most importantly also the leaders in Guatemala: the late Dr. Sam Colop and his wife Dra. Irma Otzoy. 
Thanks go to all who have served and those who are serving on our Board, those who donate and volunteer, our support staff and the donors who give support to us, especially the Plumsock Fund, the Daniele Agostino Foundation, Dining for Women and other individuals and organizations.
We are grateful that our supporters have made it possible for our work to continue this long and hope it will go on, no matter who is at the helm. 
The mission of giving opportunities 
to Mayas in the countries we work in 
continues to inspire us, 
especially when we see 
the students like Danilo graduate.

Board Meeting
At the last annual Board meeting in Providence Pablo Chavajay was voted the new MEF board president, taking over after Carol Hendrickson retired. Thank you to all board members for your willingness to serve.

Cultural Exchange Visit
MEF brings a Maya student from Guatemala to the Seattle area 
for a visit with U.S. university students
Medical student Lisbeth Floridalma Chuy Chali from the FEPMaya university student group of 60 in Guatemala who receive MEF scholarships just finished a visit to the Seattle area. She impressed everyone with the talks and presentations she gave, among others at the University of Washington, University of Puget Sound, and Western Washington University. She was a wonderful example of how much sense it makes to give scholarships in the countries we serve. We thank all involved: Lisbeth for making the trip and the professors, students, and a special donor, and most of all, Bob and Jane Greenberg for hosting Lisbeth and for making this two-week visit possible!


Marilyn Moors
In Memoriam of a wonderful woman and friend
Notes from Members and Friends of the Maya Educational Foundation
on hearing the News about Marilyn
Dear Family and Friends of Marilyn:
After Marilyn’s passing we have received a number of reactions that we would like to share with you.
Pablo Chavajay ... I'm grateful for her support and wisdom ...
Armando Alfonzo ... Marilyn Moors was a trooper ...
Christa Little-Siebold ... a bright woman with a huge heart ...
Edward Fischer ... Marilyn was a person whose convictions were so strongly and purely held that they compelled those around her to act as well ...

James Loucky ... She was instrumental in consolidating efforts that had begun a year earlier, and quickly emerged as the central person in the development of the GSN ...
Robert Greenberg ... Marilyn was a wise, generous, and stalwart friend of MEF ...
Christine Eber ... I felt deep regret that I had never told her how much she meant to me ...
Chris Lutz ... Marilyn never seemed too busy to take on yet another worthy cause ...
Carol Henrickson ... Her energy and knowledge were a model of the politically active and compassionate teacher ...
Brenda Rosenbaum ... Marilyn will be remembered for the love she put into everything and everyone she touched ...
Elisabeth Nicholson ... It was always a joy to speak to Marilyn and her insights were very helpful to me ...

We will miss Marilyn more than I can express here, as a mentor, as a member of our organization,
as a humanitarian, an environmentalist, and most of all, as a friend.
May all of us find consolation in knowing what an exceptional human being Marilyn was and how well she lived her life. We were privileged to know her.
Thank you, Marilyn, may you rest in peace!

In Loving Memory 
Marilyn Moors (1934-2016)
We mourn the passing of a wonderful human being and friend, Marilyn Moors, a 20-year Board Member and President of MEF from 2003 to 2012.

Marilyn was a tireless promoter of peace and justice in Guatemala and a staunch supporter of the indigenous people, especially the Maya students in MEF's scholarship programs.
If you wish to donate in Marilyn's honor, please indicate that when you make your contribution. We'll then let her family know and we'll make sure that your donation goes to benefit Maya students in Guatemala.
Thank you!
We have been receiving reactions on her passing and are putting together for Marilyn's family a "Memorial Quilt" with words from Marilyn's colleagues and friends (see above).
If you want to send us contributions to that, we will be glad to include them and later deliver them to her family. It will show them how much Marilyn did for many causes and how much she meant also to people outside her family.
We will always miss her!

Dental Scholarship

In Fall 2015, Ceiba Marisol Pérez Velasco, the first young woman to graduate from the Chenalhó, Chiapas scholarship program, will enter university to study dentistry. Due to the generosity of Brent and Elois Berlin and the Latin American Solidarity Committee of the Western New York Peace Center, Ceiba will receive a scholarship covering her full course of study. 

After completing her studies, Ceiba will return to Chenalhó for periods of time to offer low cost dental care. She will provide those services in the clinic established by Tom Potts of Western New York and the Dental Committee of Chenalhó. Tom will soon retire after 30 years of volunteering as a dentist in Chenalhó. MEF is proud to help Ceiba carry on the spirit of service that Tom’s work has so beautifully embodied.


In February 2015, Christine Eber, MEF Board president, visited with all of MEF's program partners in Chiapas and many of the students they supervise. Among these were over a dozen university students training to be rural teachers in Normal colleges throughout the state. These students shared their sorrow over the tragic disappearance of 43 students from the Normal college Ayotzinapa in Guerrero. 

They also told of the difficulties their parents are encountering after the recent loss of their coffee crops due to a a disease called “la roya.”  But as the photo below shows, the students and their supervisor in the Sna Jtz’ibajom program find joy together and give each other much support to overcome the challenges they face.
(Christine wrote a reflection on her trip to highland Chiapas that is posted at


Mayas for Ancient Mayas (MAM)

The Second International Congress of Maya Epigraphers was held in June 2014 in Ocosingo, Chiapas and was a huge success with 102 Maya speakers from four countries.  The Congress enabled Mayas previously outside the reach of formal epigraphic training to learn about ancient Maya writing and the Maya calendar.  

MEF university scholars and program partners from Chiapas and Guatemala were able to attend the Congress and meet each other for the first time. The participants promised to spread the knowledge of the glyphs and the calendar in their own communities.  For more information about MAM’s ongoing workshops in Guatemala and Chiapas see
After admiring the dramatic blow-gunner statue, scholars descend to the auditorium.
(Source: blog posted June 14, 2014 -

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