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The Maya Educational Foundation supports the educational and professional advancement of the Maya people and neighboring indigenous cultures in southern Mexico, Belize and Central America, and sustains programs that foster study, preservation and understanding of those cultures.


Todos Santos Scholarship Program
Todos Santos Cuchumatán is a large Mam speaking Maya community in a remote region of Guatemala's western highlands. MEF has for years supported a scholarship program for younger students where families of elementary and secondary school children received small stipends, motivating them to send and keep their children in school longer than just a couple of years. MEF currently sponsors scholarships for grade school, high school (básico, diversificado) and university students in the region. In addition, a básico school in this highland town received a MEF grant to purchase art and workshop supplies.

Todos Santos high school and university students, 2016
We thank the Daniele Agostino Foundation which has generously underwritten some of the projects in Todos Santos for several years. 
We are also grateful to the family of Sandy Davis who in 2010 established the Shelton Davis Scholarship Fund at MEF in his memory. To date, the family and friends have fundraised more than US$50,000 to allow children from Todos Santos to attend school.

After former supervisor Felipa Jiménez retired in 2015, FEPMaya took on the supervision of these students for us.

US$ 200 supports the education of a university student for one month.

US$ 100 per month will pay for high school (bachillerato / diversificado) education for a young student.

US$ 50 per month will support a student’s middle school (básico) education.

US$ 30 per month will allow a student to go to elementary school (primaria). 
Todos Santos Cuchumatán is a municipality in the Guatemalan department of Huehuetenango. It is situated in the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes at an elevation of 2,500 m (about 8,000 ft). The municipality covers an area of approximately 269 km² and is formed by the town of Todos Santos Cuchumatán, 6 villages, and 69 smaller rural communities, called caseríos, parajes, and cantones. The population is predominantly indigenous, of Mayan descent, most of whom still speak the Mayan language of Mam. The town is one of few places in Guatemala where indigenous men still wear their traditional clothing, along with the women.


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