Bulletin No. 25, November 2021

Bulletin No. 25, November 2021

With Thanksgiving Holidays in the U.S. almost upon us, closely followed by Giving Tuesday, we’d like to first of all give thanks to you, our friends and donors, for believing and supporting our work and for all you have made possible for Maya students in Guatemala, Mexico and Belize already. Each student’s graduation is a … Read more

Art for Good, Peter Ruta, Chiapas and Guatemala paintings

MEF press release August 2021 Dear friends, We’d like to share some exciting News today. A few months ago, we received word that Suzanne Ruta, published author and widow of renowned painter Peter Ruta (1918-2016), had decided to dedicate proceeds from a few of his paintings to the Maya Educational Foundation (MEF) for its cause … Read more

Bulletin No. 24, August 2021

Dear Friends: We hope this finds you in good health and perhaps even in vacation mode. Some quick notes for you from MEF: ► We would like to close with a time-sensitive appeal on behalf of the volunteer-led English Language Program (ELP): We wish you a great summer!With kind regards, Elisabeth NicholsonExecutive Director

You are making a big difference!

With your contributions we have been able to thus far purchase 30 laptops and distribute to students at our two major scholarship program partners FEPMaya in Guatemala (17 units) and Sna Jtz’ibajom in Chiapas, Mexico (13). 

Here are some students who are expressing their thanks and certainty that without the laptops they could not have continued.

Yesica Elizabeth
Técnico Universitario en Enfermería con Orientación en Atención Primaria Maya Mam

José Manuel
Técnico Universitario en Enfermería con Orientación en Atención Primaria Maya Q’eqchi’

Licenciatura en Mercadotecnia con Especialidad en Comercio Internacional Maya K’iche’

You made this possible!

You made this possible! MEF

MEF donors came through and answered our midyear 2020 Bridging the Digital Divide Campaign appeal. With the donations we received in response to the specific appeal, we were able to purchase altogether 30 laptops thus far, i.e., 17 in Guatemala for 17 university students at our partner FEPMaya and 13 laptops for 13 university students … Read more

Happy Holidays from the Maya Educational Foundation

Happy Holidays MEF

This year, in the midst uncertainty, many of you showed your support and commitment to MEF and some of you decided to step their contributions up even more. We and the program beneficiaries are encouraged and moved by this more than we can express. Perhaps you can see it in the eyes of Lorenzo in Guatemala. … Read more

Vincent Phillips – A friend of MEF


We recently received a generous gift from the estate of Dr. Vincent Phillips from Tacoma, Washington. It will help us to endow a medical scholarship for a Maya student for five years.Thank you, Vincent! Your legacy and care and compassion for the indigenous people in and from Central America live on.We were lucky to have … Read more

Yes, We Care!

Family maya

With the beautiful autumn colors fading away here in New England as we write this, we wish the same were true for the Coronavirus already. 2020 has delivered some hard blows to many of us, personally and professionally. At the Maya Educational Foundation (MEF), we have lost three very close and dear friends this year: … Read more

Supporting Education for Maya Students since 1992

Dear Friends:During these difficult times around the world, we wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you and your families. We also wanted to share an update about how our scholarship students are doing, including their participation in COVID-19 prevention efforts, while maintaining their educational pursuits. Most of our students in Guatemala, … Read more