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Outreach Project: Livingston

Since 2009 MEF has given scholarships in Livingston, Guatemala, to the Asociación de Amigos para el Desarrollo de Livingston “Marcos Sánchez Díaz”.

Lisandra (center in blue jacket) with fellow law students attending seminar. Lisandra is working on her thesis and internship.

Their mission is to provide educational opportunities and cultural preservation activities for the Garinagu, the Q’eqchi’ and the Mopan, three indigenous minorities they see as neglected by the Guatemalan government and by other NGOs supporting Maya groups in the area.

Though small, this is another effort by MEF to reach out to students in more remote and neglected areas. As this program will peter out in the near future, due to the program supervisor retiring and moving away, we are pleased to know that Livingston students have already or are soon reaching their goals and are graduating as teachers, an IT engineer, three lawyers, an environmental engineer and a master in international public accounting.
We are proud of Ilsia, our most recent graduate who now has a master’s degree in accounting/auditing and has already found a job. She thanks MEF’s donors who made her university education possible.

Your donation of $200 a month supports a Maya student at university level.

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