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Students Need to Know English

Many of our students need and want to learn English.
We currently have two volunteer-led efforts underway that help the students with this goal.


September 2023 to June 2024.

35 Maya students are participating this year, thanks to the Beaverton Literacy Council in Oregon and Randhi Wilson’s leadership.

Your donation of $65 underwrites one student’s participation in ELP-online.

Thank you! 🙏💙

Congratulations! — ELP-Guatemala is celebrating 20 years of service to Maya students. We thank all volunteers and the ELP founders and coordinators, Jane and Bob Greenberg, Armando Alfonzo, Laurie Levinger, Lianne Moccia, and Randhi Wilson.


December 2023 in Antigua.

This past year we were able to include
25 students in the ELP course in Antigua. Each volunteer teacher covered the cost of one student’s food and lodging ($220).

We thank all 2023 ELP-Guatemala volunteers, the supervisors, especially Randhi Wilson and Jacquelyn Sincal, Norma Subuyuj and Guisela Asensio, the hotel San Jose El Viejo, and the students’ guest families for the many kindnesses they showed the ELP volunteers and students during their time in Antigua.
We also thank the donors who care about the Maya students’ online and
in person English learning. 

Thank you! 🙏💙

The English classes run from September 2022 to the end of June 2023.

Our volunteer English Language Program is asking for our help:


will pay for one Maya student to participate in online ESL classes offered by the Beaverton Literacy Council in Oregon and will also pay for one study book.

30 Maya students from Guatemala would like to participate.

Let’s make this happen and donate with the dedication “ELP”

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