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Bulletin No. 28 August 2022

Bulletin No. 28 August 2022

Dear Friends:

Before we get into the Fall season, we wanted to update you on the online English language program efforts, ELP-online, as well as the English Language Program in Antigua Guatemala, ELP-Guate:

ELP-online: Volunteer coordinator Randhi Wilson has been able to raise enough funding to fully underwrite the online English classes with the Beaverton Literacy Council in Oregon from September 2022 through June 2023. Amazing! Our thanks go to all the donors whose generosity will allow 35 Maya students to participate in these demanding, twice a week online classes. We hope to offer this type of learning English to more students in the future.

ELP-Guate: Later this year, 13 volunteers have committed to travel from the U.S. to teach 25 Maya students from December 3rd to 17th this year. A young woman volunteer will join the group in Guatemala, thus making it 14 teachers. Each of the 13 U.S. volunteers cover all their own costs and additionally donate $200 for one student’s room and board in Antigua. That way, we will have $2,600 covered of the required total of $5,000 to allow these 25 students to participate. That leaves us with $2,400 to still raise. Can we count on your help? If you want to support this effort, you can do so securely and quickly at www.mayaedufound.org. Just be sure to indicate in the dedication option that you’d like your contribution to support ELP-Guate 2022. Thank you!

We want to take this opportunity to thank our friend Margarita Asensio for her many years of logistics support to the students who have attended the two-week courses in Antigua as well as all the kind assistance she gave to the volunteers all throughout their stay. She has now retired but should know how much we valued her kind assistance with this volunteer-driven program. ¡Muchas gracias!

Thank you for your consideration and support of the English Language Program, and hats off to our wonderful volunteers, some of them who will come to Guatemala for the first time and others who have come several times already, and some willing to cover the weekend between the two weeks of classes, this year Karen Nielsen and friends. Each of you volunteering makes ELP happen. The students (some shown below) and we thank you very much!


Elisabeth Nicholson
Executive Director

I am studying Medicine, I am Marta Lidia, I am 23 years old, I live in Guatemala. This year I started learning the English language, I am very happy to have had the opportunity to start this course, since this language is very important in my career and in my future profession as a doctor. In high school I received English language courses, but unfortunately, they were taught by people who did not speak the language, which meant that I would never be encouraged to speak it and would be afraid to communicate.

By taking the course directly with a native teacher, my experience changed and I am happy with the progress I made in the first year. When I started the course, I was afraid to speak it and express myself, but thanks to the teaching strategies of the teachers, now I can hold small conversations, write long sentences and understand different vocabulary. For me, the opportunity they have given us is unique and I want to continue learning more, to one day teach this language to young men and women in my community. Thanks for your support.

Thanks go to Randhi Wilson, the Beaverton Literacy Council, and all the volunteers who give of their time to these students, and to the donors who support ELP. While the pandemic has helped to create the ELP-online, ELP-Guatemala has been active since 2004!

My name is Jeffrey Gregorio, I am a medical student and the English language is very important in my career. Since I started receiving English language courses with trained teachers who perfectly master this language, I have improved a lot. Compared to other classes that I have had, these have stood out, since each teacher carries out different activities and dynamics to teach the classes and be able to make learning fun and understandable. For me, having the opportunity to receive this course is very important, since in Guatemala receiving these classes means paying a high cost and the teachers only teach us grammar and not practice. Thanks to the full year that I received the course, I can now translate various books about my career that are in English into Spanish, see medical advances that are explained in English, and have a conversation with people from other countries. I thank all the people and donors who support this program, thanks to you and your donations I have come a long way learning a new language and the most important in the world.

My name is Marta Cristina, I speak Spanish and Mam. I am a Social Work student. For me, the learning and mastery of the English language has improved. In each class I received I learned new words and I can communicate better since the course was only in English.

I had previously received classes in other institutions and perhaps the fact that the teachers are not North American was a great disadvantage since I could not communicate or start a conversation in this language. However, now I can do it. What I like about the classes taught online is the variety of teaching techniques, it is a very participatory process and time is used to the maximum by prioritizing learning. The time that the teachers dedicate to the classes is very valuable for me as a student, their teaching is a great opportunity that allows us to improve the English language, so it would be good if they continued teaching the course. I would like to tell the donors that I am very grateful for this opportunity, for allowing me to access this course that has allowed me to learn a lot, please continue to support this program so that we students continue to improve in the English language.

Donating to MEF is easy, by check or by phone. For safe, online donations, one-time or recurring, please go to www.mayaedufound.org and click on the orange Donate Now. Our partner Network for Good will process your donations to MEF securely and quickly and give you an instant e-receipt. Consider becoming a recurring donor. Your regular, tax-deductible contributions to MEF, even modest amounts, will add up and make a difference in the lives of Maya students. And, remember that you can also donate stocks or IRA/401-K required distributions to MEF. Thank you.

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