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You made this possible! MEF

You made this possible!

MEF donors came through and answered our midyear 2020 Bridging the Digital Divide Campaign appeal.

With the donations we received in response to the specific appeal, we were able to purchase altogether 30 laptops thus far, i.e., 17 in Guatemala for 17 university students at our partner FEPMaya and 13 laptops for 13 university students at our partner Sna Jtz’ibajom in Chiapas, Mexico. We thank each and every one of our donors who made this possible with their contribution. You know who you are!

We are currently exploring with our partners other cases within our other scholarship programs where students do not have easy or any access to a computer and will start Phase 3 of the BDDC effort in March. As always, we will keep you informed.

You have given true hope and encouragement to the students who had a very difficult time following online classes with their phones or on borrowed or rented equipment. The students, the program supervisors and we are immensely grateful. Thank you.

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